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Skin cancer checks - Prevention is better than cure


Full body scan. Early melanoma detection.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Anyone can be at risk of developing skin cancer, and the risk increases as you get older.

Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70.

Skin cancer is easily preventable and is usually curable if detected early. During a skin cancer screening, a full body examination will be performed.

Most skin cancer can be successfully treated if it is found early. But without treatment, skin cancer can be deadly.

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Skin cancer surgery


We are highly qualified in the detection and treatment of skin cancers and melanomas. We remove all types of skin cancer using advanced techniques in our Brisbane clinic. Some early skin cancers can be treated without surgery but most are best treated with surgical excision.

The incidence of skin cancer is increasing and reaching epidemic proportions.

The three main types of skin cancer are – basal cell carcinoma (BCC) , squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), or malignant melanoma (MM).

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Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Brisbane


Mole removal – Skin Tag removal – Birthmarks removal – Milia removal – Scar removal treatments – Warts and Verrucae removal – Facial thread veins removal – Thread Lifts

Dermal Fillers – Anti-Ageing Injectables

Medicare will cover what is deemed essential reconstructive surgery and your surgeon will be able to help you understand if your procedure is covered by Medicare.

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A New Approach towards Diagnosing Malignant Melanoma



Significantly reduces risk of malignant melanoma and unnecessary excision.

Nevisense is the world’s first objective diagnostic support tool for non-visual detection of malignant melanoma. By gathering and analyzing precise electrical measurements in the epidermis and dermis, it provides reliable information unavailable through any other method. Through one simple procedure, it allows you to objectively evaluate suspicious lesions as a complement to your visual examination when deciding whether to biopsy.

With Nevisense, SciBase has developed an innovative method for improving accuracy in the detection of malignant melanoma. Utilizing Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), applied as a harmless electrical signal to the skin, Nevisense is able to provide a reliable, objective analysis of suspicious lesions which complements the physician’s regular clinical evaluations.

The Nevisense method is safe. By providing valuable diagnostic information that is unavailable through other methods, it allows physicians to make more informed decisions in difficult or borderline cases. Nevisense, used as a diagnostic support tool, makes it possible to increase diagnostic accuracy.

Dr Predrag Urosevic (FRACGP, FMASS)

Dr Predrag Urosevic



An expert in Skin Cancer Surgery with extensive medical experience throughout Australia.

Academic and Professional Achievements


2016 Certificate in PDO: Absorbable Rivitalizing Facial Threads Korea

2015 Certificate: in Absorbable Revitalizing Facial Threads Sydney

2013 Certificate: Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery of the Nose, Ears and LOU Legs Brisbane

2011 Certificate: Skin Cancer Medicine Melbourne

2011 Certificate: Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery of the Head and Neck Brisbane

2010: Non-absorbable Revitalizing Facial Threads Training Gold Coast

2009 FMASS: World Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery India

2008: Advanced Pam Factual Anatomy & Cosmetic Injecting (ASSETS) Brisbane

2008 Certificate: Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine Brisbane

2007 FRACGP: Fellowship Exam Melbourne

2004 – 2007: Accredited Senior Surgical Registrar Melbourne

2000 – 2004: Non-Accredited Senior Surgical Registrar Melbourne

1998: Accredited Four Years of Fellowship & High Surgical Training (FRCS) UK

1996 NZREX: New Zealand Medical Council Exam New Zealand


Better safe than sorry

We are here to prevent you from becoming unwell, and to care for you and get you back to optimal health, should you fail ill. Our skilled doctors are passionate about preventive health, and will strive to keep you from failing ill in the first place.


It is in your best interest for medications to be discussed as part of a consultation process. Please ensure appointment has been booked prior your repeat prescription expiring


Dr Predrag Urosevic
Dr Urosevic (FRACGP, FMASS) is the Director of the Mt Gravatt General Practice and Skin Cancer Clinic. Dr. Urosevic is a specialist in General Medicine and Surgery, an expert in Skin Cancer Surgery, and has extensive medical experience throughout Australia.


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We are a predominantly a Bulk-Billing clinic. Bulk-billing is provided for all patients that have a Medicare Card and are in for a general practitioner visit If you do not have a Medicare Card, you will be seen as a private patient and will be required to pay for the consultation.
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36 (20-40Minutes) $105
44 (40 + Minutes) $200
30071 (Biopsy) $80

If you have a Medicare Card and are seeking skin checks that initial consultation will be Bulk-Billed as well as biopsies of skin moles; however, extensions will incur an out of pocket time. These fees can be discussed with the doctor.


Discussion of test results is best done at a follow up appointment with your GP. Please allow several days for routine pathology results to be processed. Urgent tests are usually available within 24 hours.


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